Here at AE Curbside we strive to offer the lowest rates with the absolute best service.



Curbside Recycling Collection:

Weekly                                    $11 per month

Trash Collection:

Weekly                                          $15 per month

96 Gallon Trash Bin                        $17 per month

Combined Services of Curbside Recycling & Trash:

Weekly                                  $23 per month

With 96 Gallon Trash Bin        $25 per month 

Bi-weekly with Trash Bin        $20 per month

Bag Collection      

Weekly    ( 2 bags per wk)               $9 per month

Weekly    ( 3 bags per wk)               $12 per month

Weekly    (2 bags + recycling )         $16 per month

Weekly    (3 bags + recycling)          $19 per month



*-Bi-weekly recycling service: All recycling items must fit into provided container with the exception of large cardoard boxes.

Rates are subject to change with market conditions.

Rates listed above are for new customers

Some rural routes may be priced higher than above

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