Q: How often do you send out billing?

A: We send out bill quarterly, or every three months. 

Q: I have more recycling than your provided container can hold. Can I place out extra recycling?

A: Yes, as long as you have a weekly collection of recycling with us. Bi-weekly collection is limited to only what can fit inside the container. 

Q: How large is the recycling container provided by AE Curbside

A: Our Recycling tote is 64 gallon in size. It has an attached lid and wheels for easy mobility.

Q: How long has AE Curbside been in business?

A: AE Curbside opened its doors March 1, 2004

Q; Does AE Curbside have any hidden fees or surcharges which will be added to my bill?

A: No, we have no hidden fees or surcharges. Only fees you may encounter are for large collections. 

Q: Is there any items I cannot place out for collection

A: We are unable to accept any hazards waste, tires, paint, oils, etc. If you are in questions about an item please call our office before placing it out for collection

Q: Do you accept Yard Waste

A: Yes, we accept 1, 30 gallon bag each week at no charge. Any additional bags will cost $1 per bag. This does not apply to our 2 or 3 bag per week service.

Q: I forgot to place out my trash / recycling, will you come back around for it?

A: Many times we are able to accommodate this for you. Just call and ask if we are able to come back around. There is a $10.00 fee for this service. 

Q: Where is the AE Curbside payment drop box?

A: Our payment drop box is located at 431 Prospect Ave in Findlay. We ask that all payments be placed in an envelope which has your name and service address on the front. 

Q: Will you accept my Christmas Tree for collection

A: Yes, simply place your tree by the curb on your normal collection day and our crew will make sure it gets collected. There is a $5 disposal fee for the service.

Q: Do you service more than the Findlay area?

A: Yes, we also offer service to many of the surrounding villages. These include, Arcadia, Arlington, Benton Ridge, Jenera, McComb, Mt. Cory, Rawson, Vanlue and Van Buren.



If you have any other questions not seen here please feel free to call or email us. We would be more than happy to answer any question you may have.